"Shouldn’t he just make the move? 
Second hand just points to prove my point 
It doesn’t happen all to often (all to often) 
Shouldn’t she just take the chance 
Like she took holding his hand 
And I know, it doesn’t happen all to often”

Anonymous: But haha jk you had every right to post that because you spoke the truth

Eh kinda.



Hey everyone,

I really sincerely hate doing two of the things I’m about to do. The first is delve into my personal life. Most of you who follow me on here know that I’m all about blogging in support of animal rights, the occasional Game of Thrones or…

ryan dunson from rookie of the year is following me on twitter…

does this dude just go on random following spree’s cause my twitter is hella (yup hella just happened) boring.

also, haven’t listened to rookie of the year since ‘06.