I’m really sick of hearing people complain about how Max focuses too much on Sherri and that Say Anything sucks now because of her so they turn around and send her hate.

Max loves Sherri, & he’s happy. Sherri loves Max, & she’s happy. They have an adorable daughter & probably the most perfect love in the world.

I love that Max has so many songs written for Sherri, and that he has her sing on a lot of his tracks, & that they constantly tour together. I think it’s great that Max is in a place where he feels happy enough to be able to share his thoughts & feelings with the world. I’m glad he’s not in a downward spiral, or too drugged up to care about his life.

In my opinion, happy Max Bemis is the best Max Bemis.

So if you don’t like Say Anything anymore, that’s fine, don’t bash Max, & don’t you fucking bash Sherri.

Quit complaining that your favourite angsty band is no longer full of angst because the lead singer found love.

Grow up.


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